About Puppetica

Puppetica Media Pvt Ltd.

Puppetica Media is in the business of telling Indian stories in the most awe-inspiring animation. It was incorporated in 2017 to execute the first full-length movie in Sanskrit featuring the timeless story of Punyakoti.

Raising funds through crowdfunding, Punyakoti took shape and went on to become an enormous success bringing in the most awards an animation movie from India has ever won.

The journey is now on to create more masterpieces, digging into the treasure trove that India is, for delightful stories with unforgettable characters that guide us through every situation in this maze of life.

Puppetica wants to contribute to nation building through bringing out Indic content out into the world.

The company is working over 10 diverse projects at this point of time.

The company is headed by Sindhu S K, a musician and an artist in her own right with over 20 years of experience in media.